About Orbium

We are a business and IT consulting company focusing exclusively on the financial services industry. Our mission is to help our clients grow the financial and operating performance of their business. By applying our extensive IT and business knowledge and showing how to seamlessly integrate business and organisational strategies with IT implementations, we can help our clients achieve a higher return on their investments.

We offer a range of ready-made and customised services to help overcome business and IT challenges, improving the effectiveness of our clients’ operations.

Our Services

Our approach looks at both the ‘soft’ and the ‘hard’ aspects of our clients’ business. After all, the best solution in the world is useless unless people understand it and know how to make it work. Our consultants use this approach and their experience to produce results that offer both immediate and long-term benefits for our clients.

You can find out about our services in our Services section.

Our Products

In today’s dynamic and multifaceted financial services environment, users have high expectations. From the boardroom to the branch, they demand speed, clarity, control and, above all, security. So, how can businesses deliver a service that lives up to such demands? By procuring robust, ultra-reliable software solutions.


Avaloq Banking System, a leading core banking solution, has already established its reputation as a secure, reliable and stable program to assist banks in managing their day-to-day business. And Orbium has added its special touch.

We have developed, optimised and extended Avaloq-specific products such as SecurEasy™ (an external application that manages Avaloq security). Developed by our team of industry experts, these products have been specially designed to help our clients answer – and exceed – user expectations.

You can find out about our products in our Products section.


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