Corporate Social Responsibility

At Orbium, we take our motto ‘Big enough to help, Small enough to care’ at heart. It’s not a marketing concept but a way of working and sharing that characterises our company and its employees. With 12 offices, over 31 different nationalities and 40 spoken languages, Orbium is made up of up of a young, energetic, professional and international workforce. As such, our different backgrounds enrich the company with diversified respective cultures, experiences and interests.

Team spirit and camaraderie are two essential qualities that bind fellow colleagues at Orbium - you can always count on a helping hand and that is both strength and an accomplishment. This sense of solidarity goes beyond work confines and Orbium’s corporate social responsibility was born from employees desire to take on social and humanitarian projects that are close to their hearts. Orbium helped coordinate and organise these initiatives making them a success.

These initiatives include Orbium’s collaboration with the Hospital of Geneva‘s RAFT project and donations to hospitals in Cameroon, Niger and Bolivia. Orbium consultants also volunteered their time to Caritas Geneva on various initiatives that vary from a day at their premises to training over a few months.