Our Partnerships


The Avaloq Group is the Swiss market leader for standardised banking software, and has branches in Luxembourg and Singapore. Over 35 banks worldwide rely on the Avaloq Banking System, which is geared consistently to the business processes and requirements of an innovative bank. Whether a bank is private, retail or universal, Avaloq increases banking efficiency and improves transparency. However, Avaloq is a lot more than a banking system: the Avaloq Academy ensures that all project team members receive in-depth training so they can leverage the full potential of the Avaloq Banking System. And the Avaloq Community brings together over 35,000 Avaloq users, customers and partners to share information on the Avaloq Banking System and banking software.


B-Source, a Swiss company, provides services for business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT outsourcing (ITO) for the private banking and asset management industry. Its clients include banks in Switzerland and a number of other countries. All services are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005. B-Source has also been awarded an SAS 70 Level II Audit Report. B-Source works closely with its business partners the University of St. Gallen's Sourcing Competence Center, Avaloq and Orbium. B-Source's new BPO platform, the B-Source Master, is powered by Avaloq.

Founded in 1995, B-Source has offices in Lugano, Zurich, Nyon and St. Gallen. Its data centers are located in Lugano and Zurich. The current number of employees is about 556, half of which are banking professionals.



NetGuardians is a leading software company recognized for its revolutionary solutions to control all your operational risks from business operations to IT. Using smart behavioral analysis, our technology quickly identifies all atypical activity. It effectively controls data leaks, alerts you to potential internal fraud and provides the reporting and analysis to meet needs like audits and forensics. Founded in 2007, NetGuardians was the first company to emerge from the innovation incubator of the HEIG-VD Business School and Engineering Vaud, in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Since then, the company has seen a steadily growing clientele in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.




The SQS Group (SQS) is the world’s leading specialist in software quality. SQS’ position and expertise as the market leader are the result of over 30 years of successful consultancy. The company’s competitive edge stems mainly from its PractiQ methodology, which is based on many years of project experience, and from the consultants’ specialist knowledge across a wide range of industries.

The global cooperation of SQS and Orbium focuses on testing the widely-used banking solution of Avaloq. Orbium provides a tailored to Avaloq test automation tool, TestMaster™, which manages and performs functional release and regression testing across the entire Avaloq Banking Suite. Since 2009, SQS has gained tremendous experience of successfully testing the Avaloq Banking Suite of various banks in different delivery models, such as managed service. Through their SMARTS test automation framework SQS introduces a very high level of automation to successfully reduce customers’ historically important manual testing efforts and significantly increase efficiency.