Orbium Professional Development Framework

In today’s business environment, we can’t afford anything less than outstanding performance.

That’s why we’ve established a proven Professional Development Framework, aimed at supporting the fast, focused growth of our teams in terms of individual talent. The goal is to help our employees develop their performance and skills so they can be both successful and self-fulfilled.

The framework comprises a Performance Assessment Framework and a Skills Assessment Framework.

When you join Orbium, you will be attributed a coach, drawn from our team of managers, senior managers and partners. We strive to find you the best possible match in terms of skills and personal profile. Coaches are mentors who pass on skills, knowledge and experience, and take responsibility for your development across all your activities at Orbium.


Performance Assessment Framework

Together with the coach, you will set realistic but demanding annual objectives at the beginning of the year. These objectives cover project achievements, skills development, outstanding training needs and any other activities contributing to your development and your role within Orbium.

Specific project objectives are also set with your project manager. During the project, you will work closely with the project manager, and objectives will be reviewed on a regular basis. At the end of the year, the coach gathers all project assessments and proceeds to the Annual Performance Review, when promotion, bonus, salary change and training needs are determined.

Skills Assessment Framework

In parallel and in conjunction with the Performance Assessment Framework, we have established a Skills Assessment Framework, which measures the development of your technical and business skills. Skills are assessed at the beginning of the year and reviewed at the end of the year. We see the development of skills as a vital part of the Professional Development Framework.