Bank Specific End User Training

Project Background

This bank had been using Avaloq Banking System for over three years and had analysed its training needs and defined an end user training concept, which was awaiting implementation. Orbium was asked to develop a basic Avaloq Banking System introduction course for new recruits. When the bank was upgrading its CRM functionality within Avaloq Banking System, Orbium was also asked to develop a customised, user-oriented course as part of the change management process.

The Client

The client is a medium size regional retail bank belonging to an international banking group that covers a wide range of activities. Its retail banking business is spread across several regional branches in east and central Switzerland.


The bank was Avaloq Banking System’s first retail banking client and was using the system extensively, taking full advantage of its flexibility. As such, it wanted to offer new employees a professional introduction to Avaloq Banking System based on its existing system characteristics.

Since its migration to Avaloq Banking System, the bank had constantly upgraded its system and added new functionalities – often with a limited end user buy-in. The bank’s management considered the newly-developed CRM functionality strategically important and wanted to ensure good end user responsiveness by offering top quality training. They also needed supporting documentation, covering system handling, internal processes and regulations.

The key challenge for Orbium was to quickly grasp the bank’s Avaloq Banking System setup and relevant business processes and to engineer course material to meet the client’s high expectations.

Scope of Project and Orbium’s Role

The initial goal was to develop a basic Avaloq Banking System introduction course and to coach internal staff so that they would be able to take over and run the course themselves.

A course covering the bank’s CRM functionality, including detailed documentation, was developed with a train-the-trainer approach. The goal for Orbium was to train the bank’s power users and provide them with the know-how and material they would need to train their co-workers at different bank branches. Orbium’s responsibilities included:

  • Defining the course objectives, structure and content
  • Developing course material
  • Delivering training
  • Coaching internal trainers for the bank.


Training material was produced on time and within budget. According to participants’ feedback, the course was appreciated both for its overall quality and because it helped prepare them for the challenges of the real business world. The bank’s new CRM functionality has been fully accepted by staff and is now used on a daily basis.