InsurEasy Insurance™

The Universal Rating System

The perpetually changing nature of insurance markets means insurance companies need to get the products their customers want to market… fast. And that means exploring the numerous alternative distribution channels that have developed in recent times.

But with new possibilities come challenges: how can companies guarantee the quality of processes while reducing costs and increasing responsiveness?

InsurEasy Insurance is a universal rating system that works at the core of a company’s information system.

Its reliable functionality lets users provide dynamic solutions to support every challenge, covering the needs of all branches of insurance.

Set It Once, Use It Everywhere!

InsurEasy Insurance shapes all products, business rules and calculations for the entire insurance company within a single central and integrated software. It also:

  • Speeds up time to market through increased efficiency and consistency
  • Enables business experts to carry out calculation and rule development
  • Ensures transparent, preserved and faster transmission of actuarial know-how
  • Provides interoperability and independence through its service-oriented architecture (SOA) compliance and Java-based development.

 Actuaries and insurance experts work on a user-friendly environment to model:

  • Tariffs
    • life disability, death, life annuities, etc
    • non-life casualty, fire, civil liability, etc
  • Actuarial formulas
  • Mortality tables
  • Provisions
  • Insurance products, retirement plans
  • Calculation modules.

These elements are executable from anywhere thanks to the following business services:

  • Calculation of formulas
  • Rating, calculation of provisions
  • Calculation of events on various levels: contract, policy and insured person

Architecture of InsurEasy Insurance™







Orbium's solution for Insurance and Risk Management

Easy rating

  • An intuitive formula editor
  • Dynamic behaviours thanks to Ajax technology
  • Rapid generation of standard products

Universal Rating

  • All branches of insurance covered
  • Business functions for life products
  • Tables derived from various criteria

Unique Central Rating

  • Experts define products only once
  • Availability from any technology
  • Service orientation, centrally stored
  • Easy integration for new distribution channels
  • Unique rating for the whole information system

Dynamic Rating

  • Design it, don’t program it!
  • Dynamic input / output variables
  • Multidimensional matrix definition
  • Extendable self-made formula editor
  • Parametrable technical basis

Modern Rating

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Java J2EE and AJAX
  • Web oriented user interface, light client
  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
  • Standard interfaces and connectivity via Web services

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