Prism™ is a Management Information System designed specifically for Banks. It is a powerful strategic tool that leverages enterprise data to help optimize monitoring and planning – and improve decision-making.

The tool focuses on areas of analysis such as Assets under Management and Revenues, Cost Accounting and Business Process Analysis. While a real-life Prism breaks light into its constituent parts, our Management Information System gathers together all a bank’s scattered data, analyzes it, and presents it as one solid block of strategic information. In so doing, it provides Private Bank decision makers with vital, timely and actionable insight in the form of management reports. Equipped with such essential information, Private Banks are empowered to impact every process and activity across the entire financial services spectrum.

Prism™ is a Plug and Play solution for the Avaloq Banking System which can also be interfaced with any other core banking application. It is based on Microsoft technology, making it extremely easy to use.

The main Prism™ functionalities are:

  • Dashboarding – allows a bank’s management to follow the day-to-day evolution of its business using KPIs.
  • Standard MIS Reporting – a reporting system that allows banks to generate periodic MIS reports, specifically customized to their needs and business structure.
  • Ad hoc MIS Reporting – creates specific MIS reports based on the ad hoc needs of client banks.

We are very happy with Orbium’s MIS tool. It has fulfilled our expectations as it can be perfectly calibrated to our needs. In effect, Prism allows NBAD to easily monitor its key business drivers, from AuM through to profitability at relationship manager and client level, encompassing state-of-the-art reporting functionality, yet all via a user-friendly interface. Above and beyond the quality of the product itself, Orbium has once again proved to be a customer centric partner that is very aware and reactive to our needs. This has ensured a fruitful and pleasant collaboration”. Simon Durrance, CFO of NBAD Private Bank (Suisse) SA



Benoit Hailly
Head of Software Products


Orbium's Information Management System