TestMaster™ is a proprietary test automation tool driving functional and regression tests in the Avaloq core banking system. The tool supports testing of all transactional scenarios and technical processes in a customized Avaloq environment.

The implementation of test automation is motivated by client’s need of better test coverage in combination with support for shorter release cycles and the optimization of overall testing cost. As an Avaloq Premium Implementation Partner, Orbium develops external applications to facilitate clients experience on Avaloq and most importantly to help them optimize their productivity in terms of time, money and effort.

TestMaster™ offers a built in repository to store all test artifacts and reports but can also synchronize with HP Quality Center to support project testing requirements. It supports automated tests on single or multiple Avaloq instances and provides an easy to use editor for test data variants. Everything from editing test scenarios, test execution, monitoring and test reporting is handled via an intuitive .NET User Interface. In summary, all application features are aligned with the test designer needs to drive business coverage and to shorten the time of needed testing effort.

TestMaster™ is a complete and thorough testing tool that goes beyond technical testing efficiency to embody the strategic benefits of testing. Testing is easily integrated in the implementation process thus limiting errors, decreasing risks and improving overall productivity and quality management for clients. TestMaster’s fast reaction times help identify defects prior to the productive run of a system and it covers all the stages of the implementation project as well as the release upgrades.

Cost Optimization during all Phases:

  • Low installation cost by delivering an “out of the box”, easy to install and update test automation solution for the Avaloq core banking system
  • Quick onboarding of testers providing an intuitive front end (Avaloq GUI alike)
  • Low effort on test implementation by providing a process oriented test design view
  • Direct test case implementation validation by providing Avaloq Data Dictionary (DDIC) based libraries
  • Broader test coverage providing “data driven tests” and GUI driven test data maintenance
  • Possibility to define Test Data through the Avaloq User Interface

Risks Mitigation:

  • Earlier defect detection by supporting component-, system- and user acceptance- test level (tests can be defined for each of these levels)
  • Better end-to-end test coverage providing “click and extend” functionality on existing test cases to easily enrich them with testing needs (checks) from other departments
  • Providing shorter project change cycles (including emergency releases) by fast test execution on DDIC level (e.g. daily execution of test sets) leading to earlier defect detection
  • Extensive non regression testing capability by comparing runs on different Avaloq releases
  • No more urgent fix packs going into production without thorough testing

Quality Management & Flexibility:

  • Test cases are extensible making testing more comprehensive
  • Better control during implementation projects
  • Supports different project methodologies
  • Possibility to outsource test case implementation
  • Multi purpose testing – it can be used to generate data during implementation projects for the developers, it can be used for testing scenarios against expected results, and finally it can be used for regression testing
  • Wide testing scope - The variety of steps and the open architecture which allows free Oracle PL/SQL or Avaloq Script programming makes testing possibilities limitless. Orbium Software Engineers have used real life complex client test cases to design the specification of TestMaster™

“Indispensable for regression test campaign. The savings in terms of time and money is remarkable”.

“Powerful and flexible test automation tool, basically all the checks can be automated with TestMaster”

“ With TestMaster we have considerably added quality in our software release in production”
Raffaello Rossinelli, Senior Integration & Test Specialist at B-Source SA





Rémy Boisson
Head of Software Products

Orbium's Test Automation Tool

Orbium acquires TASC, Avaloq's testing tool, March 2012