InsurEasy Risk Management™

The Monte Carlo Simulator

Our InsurEasy Risk Management™ software allows users to calculate quantitative risks. It offers two approaches to risk analysis: standard legal models and scenarios or internal models and scenarios specific to each company.

The defined models are visible and dynamically extendable, and prevent the black-box effect of hard-coded applications, meaning clients can capitalise on the know-how of our experts.

Furthermore, InsurEasy provides Monte-Carlo stochastical simulations, offering a powerful and transparent solution for a company’s risk analysis needs.

The combination of InsurEasy Insurance and InsurEasy Risk Management™ offers an integrated and powerful environment to stress-test your portfolio or test the profitability of new insurance products. Deterministical projections and stochastical simulations can be used interactively, providing unlimited possibilities to model from easy to very complex analysis.

A realistic case study

A financial plan can be defined by projecting a customer’s savings until their retirement time. The projected amount can be simulated as an annuity, with an estimation of the maximum potential interest rate to stay profitable. The projection in this case would be calculated for a certain number of years depending on the probability of survival (calculated using mortality statistics).

InsurEasy Risk Management™ helps our clients meet their needs in the following areas:

  • SST, Solvency II compliance
  • ALM analysis
  • Stochastic analysis via Monte-Carlo simulations
  • Management dash-boards for improved governance and better-informed decisions

Architecture of a InsurEasy Risk Management™

  • A set of business services for risk management:
    • Solvency skill
    • Standard and internal scenarios/models
    • Stochastic Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Web 2.0 approach – the expert creates his own strategic components
  • SOA architecture
  • Connectivity by web services
  • Availability from any technology

In brief, our motto is “define once, use everywhere!


Orbium's solution for Insurance and Risk Management

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