Business Consulting Services

At Orbium, we have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients in the financial sector. We understand our core competencies and know how to give our clients added value for their businesses.

Our Consulting Services offering includes:

  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • Business Technology Optimisation
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • IT Project Portfolio Reviews & Audits
  • System Selection

Strategic IT Consulting

At Orbium, we believe that a company can only get full value from its IT when business and IT strategies are harmoniously aligned. The two strategies cannot exist in isolation.

Thanks to our client base and experience, we are extremely well-positioned to help clients achieve this harmony. We can help define options-based IT strategies that enable the business to direct and control IT assets. And our approach to IT strategy is not just high-level theory. We provide practical recommendations that clients can act upon to achieve their business objectives.

Our aim is to help our clients tightly align their IT organisation, initiatives and architectures with their business strategy, objectives, and processes. IT Strategy Reviews are one of the many ways we can help ensure that business objectives continue to drive the priorities for the IT strategy.

Business Technology Optimisation

Unfortunately, many IT initiatives do not achieve the expected results. To fully realise the promise of IT benefits, companies need a stronger, more business-oriented approach to managing their technology assets. Our Business Technology Optimisation services are designed to help clients solve this dilemma and increase ROI on their current and planned IT initiatives. Orbium’s consultants have extensive experience on both business and IT projects – which is why they are so good at identifying the right balance in the use of technology.

Business Process Improvement

At Orbium, Business Process Improvement is not a trend or a fad. It is something we do on a daily basis. When it comes to process improvement, we have a pragmatic approach that incorporates our business and project experience. And thanks to our significant industry experience, we have developed a strong best practices methodology. Our consultants know how to help clients review and improve their processes with the clear objective of achieving efficient, measurable results.

Programme and Project Management

Orbium’s Project Managers consistently deliver client projects on time and on budget. We have a strong, proven methodology in Project Management and our consultants have the practical experience and skills to ensure project success across a whole range of different client environments. We understand the importance of a balanced use of methodology and rigour in our assignments and we are always conscious of respecting our client’s working culture.

IT Project Portfolio Reviews & Project Audits

How many times have you looked back at your completed projects? Are your current IT initiatives optimised to reduce the risk of failure? Is your current IT Project Portfolio aligned with your overall strategy? And have you ever wondered what you could learn from the past?

At Orbium, we systematically review every project we have completed. Not only does this help us with future delivery; it also enables us to refine our Project Audit Methodology. We have often been asked by clients to share this systematic review – and we now offer this service through our Business Consulting Services.

System Selections

Choosing the right Banking System for your organisation is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At Orbium, we have extensive experience in helping clients with package selections. We have a rigorous and pragmatic approach that encompasses the full lifecycle of the system selection process. First of all, we examine what you need to change, and from then on we’re with you all the way, right up to the final decision to select your system. And because we have broad experience in the financial industry, we have a clear understanding of your business – which means we can help you address potential obstacles to success.

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